( This is a blog reposted from my old blogsite. Date: February 2021 )

It’s been about two years since my last post, and that’s not a surprise, really—as usual. However, now I’m back for another post, hoping that I can actually keep up with myself this time. I don’t even want to talk about 2020. This time, I want to start my year right.

I want to talk about my writing journey as a webnovelist. Two years have passed since I started writing my first webnovel, and holy cow—a lot has changed!

I learned a lot of dos and don’ts. The struggles and achievements throughout finishing my first novel with 395 chapters—yes. 395!!! The beautiful pain of parting with my characters when I had to end that book. The joy and challenges when I started my second novel that now has over 612 chapters and counting. It’s my longest one yet. And writing my third novel concurrently with more than 240 chapters now. As of writing, I have published over 1.650 million words combined from all my webnovels. That’s a lot!

At first, I only intended to share a story that I couldn’t stop thinking about, and before I knew it, all these ideas, plots, scenes, characters, and whatnots just keep popping in my head; and all of a sudden, I have tons that I want to write about. I’ve improved in my writing and my grammar the more that I write. I’ve also read tons of novels from my favorite authors, which helped me grow as a writer.

Teaching English as a second language was what I thought I’d be doing for a long time as I found the joy in helping those who were eager to learn it. But it wasn’t until I began writing that I think I found my calling. There’s just so much to learn and so much to write that it feels like an endless journey which makes me very excited for what’s in store for me.

Now, I’m not an expert. And I don’t think I would ever call myself that. Maybe. Who knows.

But the feedback and heartwarming praises I get from my readers—like how they love my story, my characters, and that they can’t wait for the next releases—are enough to keep me motivated. I always get reminded that even though there’s slow progress, it’s okay. My journey is mine. There’s no race. And at the end of the day, I’m happy.

I plan to talk about my writing struggles in my next posts and how I deal with them or get over them. I’m writing every day, and I keep learning every day too.

I haven’t decided yet, but I’m thinking that my next post would be about: “How to start writing.”

I wish you all the best. If you are a writer, kudos to you. We can do this!

P.S. If you happen to read this post and want to share about your own struggles or you have questions, do leave some comments. I’d love to hear from you. ♥


  1. Hi , I am an avid reader of yours , our every book is a breath of fresh air but I have a question….. Do you think of the whole picture and write the novel or do you just let it flow as you write ? If you think of the whole picture , have you changed things from the thing you first thought of ? Did you already plan to write a story abt Gael when you wrote serendipity? How are you managing FF and gna ?!

    I know these may be like childish questions but I am writing a novel in secret right now , I don’t know if I will ever release it but , there are things that are always conflicting so I’m just jotting down ideas and see how it goes it would be helpful if you could answer these .

    1. Hi! I realized the comments weren’t pre-approved and I had only gotten to it now. Thank you so much for writing. I appreciate you a lot whenever you leave a comment in the chapters. You’ve been with me for a long time!

      To answer your question, it actually depends. Not every instance is the same. I have several plots going on in my head and I’ve written all the ideas down in a notebook or kept them on my computer. However, I decided not to overwhelm myself, so I’m currently only working on GNA and FF in the meantime. The others will have to wait.

      Most oftentimes, I already know the beginning and end of the story, and the bits and pieces or important parts would come as I write or fill in the middle of the story. I wouldn’t say I have changed things drastically than what I first thought of, But there might be some details that were added here and there that weren’t planned—like it happened naturally.

      Managing the two novels together has both been challenging and also exciting!

      Trust me, there are no childish questions. 🙂 I’m glad that you’re trying your creative side and I would love for you to check in with me through my journey as I plan to blog about what I have learned. I’m going to share my inspirations and write some tips and suggestions, hoping they would help out others who are in the same boat as I am.

      Thank you for writing ♥ I’ll be sure to elaborate more on this in my future blogs, so make sure to watch out for that!

  2. Hi nixxie you don’t know me and I don’t know you but in a funny way I always look up to having the strength and courage to do something you love I have read all your novels both completed and ongoing and I wish you all the best in every steps you take to greatness .
    Being an author comes with advantages and disadvantages and you have never let your readers down for once
    This is a start to something greater and bigger in your life and I wish you the best
    Love from Nigeria 🇳🇬

    1. Thank you very much ♥ I appreciate your support a lot. And yes you’re right. This passion comes with both of those, but I’m looking at things positively so that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I keep learning every day and it’s exciting!

      Do say hi in the comments sometimes or follow me on my socials and drop a message. 🥰

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