Gabriella’s Hellfire: An Arranged Marriage Mafia Romance

They said life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. I think that’s bullshit.

Don’t get me wrong. I love fairy tales. I’m a bibliophile. In fact, I read about a hundred books a year.

And in my life?

I don’t marry my prince charming.
I have to marry the big bad wolf.

I’m arranged to marry the grandson of the Morelli Family—our rival family who had been after my father’s seat for years. I would rather die than end up with the enemy. But everything changed in the blink of an eye. My prince charming died because of them. Now, I can’t escape it. Now, the only choice I have left is to marry the villain to save my family. So how can my life be a fairy tale when I’m living in a nightmare? Nevertheless… This villain will have to see. I can’t be restrained. I’m born to be free.

Gael’s Naughty Angel: A Mafia Prince Romance

What are the odds that Gael would find himself in an adult-romance-themed novel as the male lead?

After stumbling upon the book that he probably wouldn’t have found if not because of his sister, Gael read the entire thing in one night.

He found the book worthy of his mockery. It was absolutely ludicrous! He must find whoever wrote this absolute nonsense about him so he could show that person what he does to people who were deserving of his wrath.

But what would he do when he finds out that the author of the book wants to keep her identity a secret?

Will he expose her? Or will he use the secret to his advantage?

“How dare she use me this way?” A menacing stare paints his face as he looks at the woman from a distance. “She likes writing romance novels so much?” he scoffed. “Then I’ll give her the best damn story she would ever want to write.”

Femme Fatale: The King’s Deadly Temptress

What would happen when a top assassin with a tragic background suddenly wakes up losing her memory after a long coma?

Five years after living her new identity, Katherine meets many misfortunes. With the help of her friend, she takes on the role of a secretary-slash-assistant for the country’s popular bachelor, Damien Park, Aka the Resort King. But who would have thought that on her first day of work, her boss would end up being her bane of existence?

With a smirk on his devilish, handsome face, Damien drags her to his office and presses her against the wall until his face is just inches away… “How dare you show up in front of me five years late?”

Serendipity – A Chance Encounter

Nobody’s perfect. Not even Samantha Kim who was born from a wealthy family and a CEO of her own company. She remained unhappy like something was missing in her life.

Known to be an independent woman, she liked her privacy and didn’t want to rely on others. 

Meeting Daniel Cho will change her in ways she never expected. But how much change will it do to her? Samantha struggled with her feelings while falling in love with him. Will she stay strong? Or will she crumble?

It’s not always the straightest path for them, but hear the story of how just a little encounter changed her life forever.

Samantha and Daniel will have a happy encounter, but will they also have a happy ending?’